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Search Engine Optimisation

If you’re going to invest in a well presented and attractive, functional website, then there should be ongoing efforts to ensure the website is found by the right audience and for the right keywords in search engine queries. This practice is known as search engine optimisation, whereby you maintain your website and content inline with Google’s best practice for ranking organically within their search engine. There are many small but important changes you can make to your website which are overlooked by designers, which can help increase your website’s visibility for keyword searches related to your products and services.

Our service starts at the bottom, assessing the current health of your website against this practice and outlining a practical plan for necessary changes, as well as identifying a keyword plan and a method for tracking and measuring the performance of these changes. Once the basics are taken care of, more advanced and ongoing techniques can be looked at as a long term strategy for securing website visibility.

Optimised Website Content in North Devon

A big part of SEO will revolve around your site content. This is the one of the single biggest factors in determining what your website is about. Google is all about relevance, so it wants to show its users the best results for the searches they make.

Our team will work with you closely to understand your audience, develop a keyword strategy and then write well articulated content which is optimised for search engines, giving your website the best possible chance of success in being found for corresponding relevant keyword searches. We have experience in working in many different industries and creating content for a wide array of businesses, so if you’re thinking about investing in a new marketing strategy to drive traffic and ultimately sales and enquiries to your website, get in touch with us for a chat.

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