Why Digital Marketing Matters – An Introduction To ITK.media

An Introduction To ITK.media

Why Digital Marketing Matters

In the digital age, an online presence is becoming more and more paramount for brands and businesses. It doesn’t matter what your industry is, who your audience are, or the size or establishment of the business - to compete against others around you, as well as the ever-rising digital marketplace, in a fast-paced, online, and often instantaneous world, you need to ensure you’re relying on more than word-of-mouth marketing.

How Strong is Your Digital Presence?

So, why does digital marketing matter? Well, think about it: as our lives become more and more online, it’s only natural that consumers begin looking to the internet to discover or buy products, services, or places to visit. In some ways, this is fantastic - it gives businesses a much wider potential audience, which would be unprecedented with traditional marketing techniques. Just look at how Carole Baskin’s online presence popularised Big Cats Protection (“hey there, you cool cats and kittens!”)

The downside, however, is that as more and more companies catch on, the competition grows exponentially. Smaller businesses in particular will find that, in the online world, they’re no longer simply standing out against local competition, but a whole array of others in their industry, all easily accessible to potential customers with a simple click.

With a strong digital presence, and cutthroat online marketing, you can entice customers to choose your business above others. With an effective strategy, detailed targeting, and the correct data on your side, it’s possible to stand out above the white noise of the internet and generate a bigger reach, more clicks, and more revenue.

What digital platform is right for your business?

We get it. It sounds difficult, and if you don’t quite know what you’re doing, it can be. Anyone can utilise digital marketing tools, from using paid advertisements to building their own website - but these are things that require patience, knowledge, and experience. Without such, things can easily go wrong, creating fundamental flaws in your digital presence that can cause more harm than good. Think websites that don’t work, misspent budgets, and meaningless data.

Luckily, there are people out there to help. ITK.Media are digital marketing specialists based in Bideford, North Devon. Our business is new, but our specialisation isn’t - in fact, together, we have over ten years’ experience in various aspects of the industry. We know that every business is different, so we know that the approach we have to take with each and every client is, too.

Whichever aspect of digital marketing you need assistance with, ITK can help. We can build you a brand new website, or simply help with the maintenance of your current one. If you’re looking to promote your business via social media, we know all about paid advertising and the different ways to optimise it across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. Want to spruce up the content and creative on your website or blog, and ensure it’s performing at its best for SEO purposes? We’ve got you. We can perform social or data audits, help with your email marketing, and even give you a hand with logo designs, rebrands, or style guides.

How Can ITK.media help with Digital Marketing?

Why ITK? Well, whatever we do, we do it with you in mind. We’ll work with you every step of the way, offer round-the-clock support, and ensure you’re happy with the end result. No one knows your business as well as you do, so we’ll cater our services to what you actually require, and whatever will be best to meet your goals. What’s more, we’re driven by data analysis. We’ll mark the progress of each strategy every step of the way, so that we - and you - know what’s working, and we can continue to drive the results you want to see.

Between us, we know the industry inside and out. So we know all about the problems with digital marketing, and we’re always looking to solve them. We’re just as sick as you are of companies who don’t keep their promises, and we’ve seen our fair share of businesses let down over the years by being mis-sold services, and support that never shows up. ITK was created to set a new, higher standard of service, and we’re here to provide strategies that you can understand, results that you can see, and keep you in the know, every step of the way.

Start improving your digital presence today!

It’s an exciting time for the digital industry, and we’re excited to be a part of it. So, to celebrate the launch of ITK, we’re offering up some of our services for FREE to help you get a foot on the ladder. Get in touch with us now and mention this article and we’ll provide you with a free digital audit with recommendations on what our recommended next actions would be for improving your online presence.

If you know what you need and you need now, then we can also help there too. Whether it’s your website, your search engine optimisation, or something a little bit further out of the box - if it’s digital, ITK is interested. If there’s a service you want to discuss, a digital marketing question you’re itching to ask, or there’s an issue you need resolved, get in touch today.

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